Trickster Coin
Trickster coin
First appearance Mega Jump
Latest appearance Mega Jump
Effect Same as a Normal Coin
Unlocking criteria None
Trickster Coins (also known as Fake Coins) are enemy-like items that serve as a foil to normal Coins in Mega Jump. They look similar to normal Coins only they have Brown, slanted eyes with a wide, open mouth to give them a "mean-like" face.


Mega JumpEdit

Trickster Coins make their first and only appearance in Mega Jump. In this game, they only appear in the more difficult levels, and there usually placed in large classes. Whenever the player approaches them, they fly away and make a snicker sound. These coins are considerably to catch, due to their cowardly nature. The player can destroy them with the effects of a Mega Power Shield, or turn them into 2x Coins with the use of a Mega Magnet.

Mega Jump 2Edit

Trickster Coins reapper in Mega Jump 2 with the same purpose they had in Mega Jump.