Full name Maximus
Species Evil Monster
First appearance Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Latest appearance Mega Blast
Relationships Spooklina (girlfriend)

Lord Maximus Is a evil Monster in Lava Caves and the main antagonist of the Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. He is known as the Lord of the Lava Lair.



Mega run: Redford's AdventureEdit

Lord Maximus first appears in Mega run: Redford's Adventure. After a few seconds of observing it, the eruption continues until Lord Maximus burst out of the his Lair rising. Lord Maximus and his minions are going to the world of Mega islands his minion start stealing every Coins and Forest Gems from Mega islands, only to come across Redford's house. Redford and his family and friends hear the erupts they finds coins and forest gems hoard has been stolen. they steps out the house just in time to see the minions that stole the hoard, Redford and his family and friends are going to the Lava Caves defeat Maximus and get all the coins and forest gems back in the hoard.