The Forest King (conjectural title) is an unnamed enemy in Mega R
Forest king

The Forest King with his sack of stolen items and kidnapped Rosie and Bluto.

un: Redford's Adventure. He serves as the game's primary antagonist. He is currently only seen during the game's cutscene, which plays before the player starts Stage 1-1.



The Forest King first appears in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. While Redford, Bluto, and Rosie are seen flying around happily and collecting coins, the Forest King smacks them all down with his hand, and kidnaps Bluto and Rosie, leaving Redford by himself in Woodland Grove.

It is assumed that the Forest King is of royalty, considering the crown that he wears. What exactly he is king of is still ambiguous.


Not much of the Forest King is revealed, as he is only seen briefly in the game's cutscene. He appears as a very large green monster with long arms. Like Redford and his friends, he has 3 laws on each of his arms. He is big and bulky, being several times the size of Redford himself. He has long, flat ears. He also sports a gold crown at the top of his head.


The Forest King appears to be evil, as he relentlessly smacked Redford and his siblings right out of the sky and took Rosie and Bluto away from their brother. He is revealed to be greedy and a thief, as he relentlessly stole all of Redford and co.'s Coins, and all of the Forest Gems, and stored them all in a sack that he holds.

Traits and abilitiesEdit

The Fores King possesses brute strength, considering he is able to knock Redford and his family down to the grown while flying around in the air. He is a hoarder and collects various valuable items and stuffs them in a sack that he hauls around with him on his back. He however, does not appear to be too bright, as Bluto and Rosie manage to throw his valuables at Redford for him to catch, without the Forest King noticing.