MegaJump2 Embiggenate
A sprite of the Embiggenate Powerup from Mega Jump 2
First appearance Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
Latest appearance Mega Jump 2
Effect Enlarges the player and renders them invincible.
Unlocking criteria None

The Embiggenate is a Powerup that first appeared in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. It appears as a colored potion in a glass bottle.

As it name suggests, it "embiggens" the player so that that their size increases in various multiples, depending on the Powerup's form. Because of this size increase, the player becomes invulnerable to all enemies and obstacles. The Powerup is very similar to the Balloon Powerup from the first Mega Jump game.


Mega Run: Redford's Adventure Although the Balloon Powerup was not in Mega Run: Redford's Adventure,(most likely due to the gameplay being more horizontal instead of vertical), its legacy lives on in this installment. The Powerup

Monsters, Inc. Run The "spirit" of the Embiggenate Powerup returns in Monsters, Inc. Run. In this game, it's name is changed to suit the gadget-style naming of Powerups this time around. It serves the same purpose as it did in it's parent game, Mega Run: Redford's Adventure. Due to the more "team-based" mechanics in this game, the Powerup appears far more often than before.

Mega Jump 2 The Embiggenate replaces the Balloon Powerup in Mega Jump 2. Like its previous incarnations, it cannot be used to gain vertical momentum; the only purpose is to increase size and grant invincibility.


Like the Balloon Powerup, each Powerup level increases the player's size more and more. Normal The Normal form of the Embiggenate Powerup increases the player to twice their size.

Turbo The Turbo form increases the player to three times the player's size

Super The Super form increases the player to three times their size.

Mega. The final, Mega form increases the player's size fivefold. Additionally, whenever the player jumps and lands on the ground, the screen shakes profusely.